Showcase of work by Online pottey artists in
Upper Egypt

مبادرة من

“Ebda3 men Masr” is an initiative which evolved as one of the main CSR platforms launched by ALEXBANK early 2016. Based on the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV), ALEXBANK becomes a full -fledged partner of citizens and community blending the creation of social value with the growth of the economy. This is achieved through several collaborations and partnerships aiming at empowering traditional communities as well as increasing entrepreneurial opportunities with the ultimate goal of promoting the preservation of Egyptian crafts’ heritage and original artwork.

“Ebda3 men Masr” leverages on six founding pillars, including creation of opportunities for the economically marginalized communities, women’s economic empowerment, youth employability, fair trading practices, capacity building and vocational training for the handicrafts sector as well as heritage preservation. This is mainly to complement the initiative’s four main strategic goals:

  • Preserve Egypt’s rich heritage of handicrafts and protecting endangered Egyptian authentic craftsmanship.
  • Exposing the Egyptian craftsmanship and original artwork to the international market with full visibility and marketability.
  • Support economically and socially underprivileged communities through providing access to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) for employment.
  • Support Corporate Social Responsibility projects related to ALEXBANK core business as a financial institution, since beneficiaries are potential customers of the bank.

“Ebda3 men Masr” has held and participated in several local and international exhibitions in Cairo, Alexandria, Dubai and Sharja (UAE). In its future plans, “Ebda3 men Masr” will feature an online platform to showcase and eventually help sell artisans’ products locally and internationally contributing substantially to the marketing and sales of these products.